AWU_logo_brownALL-Ways-US is a Social Enterprise, producing environmentally friendly, all-natural products. As a Social Enterprise, it operates as a division of, and under the registered charity status of the parent company, the Yarmouth Association for Community Residential Options (YACRO). YACRO was established in 1991 as a not-for-profit agency that provides residential support for children and adults challenged with disabilities. The agency exists to enhance each person’s potential to live, work and socialize within the community in the least restrictive, most inclusive manner.



A Social Enterprise is fundamentally about using market driven business models to address critical social and environmental issues.  Social Enterprises flourish around the world in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and North America. Exciting, creative companies with social missions are being developed even in the most remote corners of the world and are witnessing huge social returns on investments. Social Enterprises have become an important tool that is actively being used across the globe to make the world a better place to live.


Persons with disabilities face barriers to employment and often have difficulty attaining and retaining meaningful work experiences.  We believe that there is a market of untapped skill in Nova Scotia amongst people with disabilities.

All-Ways-Us is dedicated to establishing a landmark Social Enterprise in the Province of Nova Scotia.  We are about making positive changes in a time of need; therefore, our social mission is to provide employment for persons with disabilities in meaningful jobs with competitive wages.

All-Ways-Us is a supportive environment for this group of people to develop their potential in the community as employees, taxpayers and contributing members of society.  Along with this primary aim, is a goal of social responsibility through producing environmentally-friendly products.  In this way, All-Ways-Us aims for what is often referred to as a “Triple Bottom Line” of People, Profit and Planet.  Moreover, with the continued financial success of All-Ways-Us, it will be a mandate of the company to return profits, over and above company costs, to our parent company, YACRO, for enhancement of their mission to provide quality residential support to persons with disabilities.