Mission Statement

The Yarmouth Association for Community Residential Options, a not-for-profit Agency, provides residential support for children and adults with disabilities. The Agency exists to enhance each person’s potential to live, work and socialize within the community in the least restrictive, most inclusive manner.

We are Committed To

  • Advocating for recognition of the rights and dignity of all the people for whom we work.
  • Delivering quality service with well-trained personnel, pro-active Board of Directors and effective cost-conscious management of resources.
  • Providing for the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of the people taking part in our program.
  • Supporting families through the delivery of a Respite Program. 
  • Encouraging family, friends and community involvement as an integral part of the lives of the persons for whom we work.
  • Refraining from the use of aversive or overly intrusive techniques.
  • Developing and encouraging self-advocacy and independence.
  • Providing vocational and life skills training and support to persons with disabilities in order to further our stated charitable purposes.
  • Providing supportive services through social enterprise opportunities to enable persons with disabilities to become more independent in the community.