Our Principles of Operation

  1. Normalization and Social Role Valorization (SRV): Yarmouth Association for Community Residential Options (YACRO) believes that the principles of normalization and social role valorization provide a framework for supporting the people in our homes. Normalization and social role valorization refer to “the use of culturally valued means to offer people life conditions at least as good as those of average citizens, and as much as possible to enhance or support their behavior, appearance, experiences, status, and reputation”. (Wolfensberger)

  2. Rights: YACRO wishes to ensure that the rights of those we support are respected, protected, and promoted; including the freedom of choice. These rights are accorded under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.

  3. Self Advocacy: Is a process whereby people who have been traditionally powerless and labeled in some way, are encouraged and supported in working to improve their social status and situation, individually and/or collectively, using a variety of advocacy approaches.

  4. Individualization: Services will be provided in a manner that recognizes and respects each person’s uniqueness.

  5. Flexibility: YACRO will remain open to the changing needs and wishes of those we serve.

  6. Individual Support Development: YACRO offers opportunities for growth and development that are positive, respectful, and meaningful to the individual. YACRO is cognizant of the value of interdependence.

  7. Personal Relationships: YACRO will assist the people we support in fostering relationships with their families and with people in their communities.

  8. Community Involvement: YACRO will encourage the people we support to participate in a variety of community activities.

  9. Integration: YACRO will provide services in an integrated community setting. YACRO wishes to enable people to work, believing work to be an important means of integration.

  10. Support Staff: YACRO will ensure that staff providing support will maintain a commitment to the agency philosophy and mission.

  11. Quality Assurance: YACRO will maintain ongoing internal evaluations and be open to external evaluation.

  12. YACRO strives to work cooperatively with other services and professionals to extend and enhance the services we provide to individuals.

  13. Personal outcome measures: The specific meaning of personal outcomes is defined by each person. We must discover how each person defines the outcome for him or herself.

  • No standard definition of any outcome applies to a group of people.
  • It is unlikely that any two people will define an outcome in the same manner.
  • People define their own outcomes based on their own experiences.
  • Personal outcomes are defined from the person’s perspective.
  • Personal outcomes reinforce “differentness” and diversity.