Training Schedule

Training for core competencies and other courses (as applicable) will be provided by YACRO to their employees. The scheduled training for employees will be sent to your primary designated location at least one month prior to your booked training to ensure that employees are aware of their training commitments.

All training will now be booked through the Administrative Assistant in Yarmouth and the Office Manager in Metro. The Supervisors will be advised of who is booked for training in advance of the upcoming schedule and all employee training hours will be recorded on the house schedule as part of your contracted hours (if applicable).

As per the Collective Agreement, training hours which are paid by YACRO are considered to be part of a staff member’s contracted hours and are simply a change of designated location for the training sessions.

External agencies interested in participating in any required competency training, please contact Amanda Smith @ 742-9258 for further information.

Maintaining currency in all core competencies is a condition of employment. Failure to do so may result in being removed from the house schedule.